Week 12 Polls: Utah at #25 in Coaches’ Poll and #24 in AP Poll

Utah at #25 in Coaches’ Poll and #24 in AP Poll.

Oregon is respectively #5 and #4. CFP comes out on Tuesday.

OH THE IRONY>. finally ranked after an insanely ■■■■■■ game at AZ, while totally ignored after the Furd slaughter… Bwwahahaha All the prrof we need that so many writers and coaches arent even paying attention

The game in Tuscum, from here on out, needs to be treated as a possible trap game…who the hell am I kidding…only Zona???

Ok, all PAC 12 games need to be treated as trap games.

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They are all a grind. We should feel relieved when we get a game like last week against Furd. We shouldn’t expect that, we should just enjoy it.


A lot of the angst from the Arizona game is because people assumed it would be a cakewalk and it wasn’t. If you can’t be happy with a win in the Pac-12, you’re going to be unhappy often.


Utes slide up one spot in the CFP rankings to #23:


Despite speculation that an Ohio State University might pass them, Oregon was able to keep the #3 spot.