Week 12 Bowl Projection

Your New Year’s Six based on this week’s CFP rankings:

Peach: LSU vs. Georgia
Fiesta: Ohio State-Clemson
Orange: Some ACC team-Penn State
Sugar: Alabama-Oklahoma
Rose: Oregon-Minnesota
Cotton: Utah-Cincinnati

This projection is incorrect. The teams are right, but the locations are wrong. If LSU is #1 in the final CFP Rankings, there’s no way they’d play Georgia in the Peach Bowl because that would put them at a geographic disadvantage. That would be a virtual road game for LSU to have to play Georgia in Atlanta, which is where the Peach Bowl is. The #1 team in the rankings is never put in that type of situation. It would be LSU vs. Georgia in the Fiesta Bowl, which would nix the geographic advantage for Georgia, while Ohio State would play Clemson in the Peach Bowl.

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Nope. LSU would choose Atlanta. Every University in the South has alumni in Atlanta and the Dawgs would have a closer drive but that’s not a factor. It’s the home of the SEC Title and it would be back to back games for LSU in the same familiar venue.

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This projection is based on the current rankings which do not factor in the most likely reality that LSU and Georgia will play each other in the SEC championship game.

A LSU win and the PAC12 champion gets into the playoff (assuming Utah and Oregon are both 11-1).

A Georgia win messes things up and then both LSU and Georgia could be in the playoff, leaving out the Pac12 champ. Ohio State would be #1, Clemson #2, Georgia #3, LSU #4


How my Utah fandom has morphed into me being disappointed if we went to the Cotton bowl (splashing cold water in face). My first choice is the Rose Bowl with second being the playoffs. Anything else would be a bummer.


I simply disagree with you. That puts LSU at a disadvantage. They will likely play there though because it’s highly unlikely that Georgia would be #4, as they would have to probably play Lsu in the SEC Championship Game.

And ESPN’s Heather Dinich agrees with me:

College Football Playoff rankings: What the games would look like today https://es.pn/2KgdxBw
via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app

That’s why Alabama played Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl last year and not the Cotton Bowl: because it would have put the #1 ranked Crimson Tide at a geographic disadvantage because Oklahoma is closer to Dallas than Alabama is.

Cool. Heather’s wrong though. Apparently people believe Atlanta is filled we UGA people and not every single Southerner type. I just know from my experience working with the SEC and my time at the UK Network that every SEC school has their hooks in Atlanta. It’s why we don’t rotate the SEC Championship with New Orleans and other Stadiums in the conference footprint.