Weber Game Thread

McLain was in a boot after the game and was not made available for interviews.

Cole Becker got hurt in warmups and didn’t play.


So they changed the rules to make the games shorter. In my observation, the game isn’t any shorter but there is less actual football being played. Seemed like there were endless media timeouts. At one point I remember a media timeout, the clock guy comes on the field and his sign says 3:00. Weber ran three plays and punted and then we had another media timeout…the clock guy comes out and his sign says 3:00.

Anyone else feel like this is the case?


The games took 3 hours to play and there were fewer plays from scrimmage.

I guess the advertisers were happy they got more time to schlep stuff.


That matches my impression, and what is worse, when their is a time out, we are often stuck watching or listening to something that has nothing to do with what I think of as a college football game.

At some point in the second half, there was a very long media time out, when the PA system played a newer Country Western song, extremely loudly, while everyone, cheerleaders for both teams, both bands, and everyone else who are at the game to provide entertainment during timeouts, stood around.

I’m sure I’m way too old school, but how about during long media timeouts, we do something traditionally football related?

EDIT to say: I apologize for whining, and suggest that @LAUte transfer this post to the pissing and moaning thread (do we still have that) or perhaps the Pet Peeves thread.


Nah. It fits here just fine. Besides, I was at the game and noticed the same thing.


Some pictures from my phone if I can figure out how to do it.

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I cannot figure out how to transfer photos from my phone to my desktop to save my life so sorry about the order… It was meant to be a sort of panorama, North to South.


Love that roof! That’s one of the smartest and most impactful changes to the stadium.
Looks even better on.National TV.

Roof needs a new coat of paint, especially the letters


Is there a go fund me thing to be started? How long has the roof been there, about 10 years?
Lots of sunlight. Lots of crowd noise too.

I have not watched an NFL game in about 5 years, but near the end, watching a game on TV, there was a commercial break after a TD, believe it or not, one after the extra point, then one after the kick off.

Some people wanted professional collegiate football, they got professional football.


It was repainted in 2020


Did they get the paint from UDOT?

I found this article from 2015. It really has been an excellent addition and kinda amazing it didn’t happen sooner. It’s so perfectly centered (or at least, close enough)


Following a link on bottom of that article I learned that the SBnation version of Block U is no more!! Consider me quite surprised