“We’ve got a pig farmer” questions for Bryson Barnes

Hey guys! Bryson Barnes will be on Goal Line Gossip tonight, and I’m hoping ya’ll have some good questions for him! Fire away!

Growing up in a small town, kids end up playing almost all of the sports in school, instead of specializing in one sport like often happens in big schools. I think it’s a good think for kids to play various sports all the way thru high school. What is his opinion on this?

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What’s your pre- or post- workout food?
What is his favorite pork product (or does he even like the other white meat)?
What did he feel like entering both Rose Bowls?

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What is you college major?

Have you ever skied/snowboarded at Eagle Point?

Where is your wife from and is she a U student?


What were football travel games like in High School?

How many of the National Parks and National Monument in Southern Utah have you visited?

How many times did they make you tour the Utah Territorial Museum as a kid?

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How much does having the “C” on his uniform help, compared to the uncertainty earlier in the season about the QB position?

What’s it like having both JaQuinden and Vaki as options in the backfield?

Is there much chatter in the huddle? Anyone saying “GET ME THE BALL!!!”

Can you sense the decision making process slowing down? It seems like navigating pressure and making the right reads is coming easier.


When he walked on at Utah did he ever envision playing this much? I am sure it was a goal of his.


What made you stick with our team when you weren’t the starter?
Which is more grueling: Wrestling or Football?
Have you ever tried Jiu-Jitsu?
I know a great gym in the off season :wink:

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