We can still make a bowl game

If we win out

I’d bet that most bowls get shut down, BYU gets left out of a big bowl and we play BYU late December.

I continue to see this as inevitable. This is an awful year for college football; it would just be a 2020 type of thing.

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Are all the bowl games still going to be played? That would be strange given that no fans could attend.

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Hope we do but Utah has to be .500 under Pac12 rules I thought.

Even in a pandemic year playing byu is still a bad consolation prize for Utah.
With not being able to go or limited fans who cares.

I agree. At this point, who cares? This football season is a joke.

And being a Taurus is a pretty crappy constellation prize.


Yes….yes we can :grimacing:

This one aged well.


This is from the 2020 season…

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