We are on the verge of being blown out by a team from the Sun Belt conference

Let that sink in for a minute. They are picked 7th in the Sun Belt, that’s not a typo.

I blame this loss on a team that lost their focus. I don’t know if it was traveling 3000 miles away, maybe none of them had ever been to South Carolina before, or arrogance and looking past this team to Baylor, or not knowing how to fight back when they get punched in the mouth.

The bottom line is every reason I come up with can be traced back to inexperience and youth. Goch and Battin looked like this was their first college game. The younger players look up to those guys for stability and focus, if they lose it then so does the rest of the team.

I know we’re all going to get tired of hearing the youth excuse this season but it will be a main factor for other games like this.

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I’m chalking it up to the first major road trip for a young team. Shooting was a major issue.

There are going to be times this season when this team of freshmen and sophomores plays like a team of freshmen and sophomores.


I believe that is pretty much what happened there. They are better, much better, than they played last night. They know how to make free throws, they know how to make three point shots without bricking them. It was just a bad night for a young team. As Thrill said, this won’t be the last time we see that this season.

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I’m proud of myself for not believing the hype. Best to just enjoy whatever part of this ride we can. First road game for a freshman team - I’m not surprised they played so poorly.

Remember a few days ago a Kentucky team loaded with freshmen (who are just there as a required one year hiatus from going to the NBA) lost in Rupp Arena to mighty Evansville (who had previously never won a road game against ANY ranked team in their history)