Wazzu just won at Arizona

Which means that they’re likely going to move into the Top 30 of the NET rankings. Which makes that win by Utah over Washington State back in December a Quad 1 win.

Who would have thought WSU would be leading the conference with 4 games to go?


So the PAC 12 “Cooged it” in MBB this year? :wink:

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Apparently they did. Regardless, Wazzu is now #28 in the NET, which currently gives Utah another Quad 1 win. That’s now 4 Q1 wins on Utah’s NCAA Tournament resume, which is what gets you at large berths. Utah still has two more opportunities for Q1 wins before the conference tournament (@ Colorado and @ Oregon). They currently sit at 4-6 in Q1 games and 4-2 in Q2 games. Unfortunately, our Utes are 3-2 in Q3 games, with both losses to ASU being Q3 losses. That’s what is dragging down their resume right now. Without those two losses, Utah would be like a 7 or 8 seed.


Or Washington State simply has their best team in over a decade this year

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WSU’s coach is going to be able to pick and choose any open jobs come next month