Watching Oregon

Will we play the Ducks for PAC tittle?

That sounds great to me.

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Do we match well with them?
I still can’t believe we boat-raced them in 15. That was fun!


Given the meltdown of the hype train in Seattle, and that the Tree is having an off year, it is likely the Ducks come out of the North.

We still need to not let the schedule win any more games against us. The loss to USC is still problematic.

Beating OSU today and getting off the road healthy is the priority today.


Oregon looked very, very good against CU, especially defensively. They came out and did to CU what I hope the Utes can do against OSU. I think OSU is better than CU, but still.

It’s time to find out.
Yeah, I stayed up. Oregon has some big, solid and very athletic looking linemen.