Washington State's win tonight eliminated Oregon State from contention

Utah’s opponent in next week’s Championship Game has officially been narrowed to two. If Oregon wins they clinch. If Oregon State wins, Washington State clinches.

pfft. Not what I wanted, but oh well. Of the 2 possible opponents, I think I’d prefer WSU. Neutral field, and all that. But gotta hand to WSU, they manhandled UW. Good for them.

Washington is a dumpster fire. Whoever becomes the HC is going to have a major rebuild on their hands.

The way the announcers were puffing up Huard as the second coming of his Uncle, they didn’t know what they had out there playing was the second coming of “St. Jake Heaps.”

Oh well, props to Wazzu for steamrolling a bad opponent.

I noticed just now that Washington State’s win over Washington last night was its first in nine years.

The 9-game gap must be a thing about teams named Cougars. :wink:


I’m not disagreeing but UW has had some stellar recruiting classes so if the new guy is decent, they could be really good fairly quickly.