Washington NFL Team Announces 'Thorough Review' of Name Amid Growing Criticism

Not sure if anyone here really cares, but I think it’s interesting. I got a notification on my phone that a name change for this team is “likely”.

We will likely be seeing a change, too.

That noted, I want to see us keep the agreement with the tribe. Keeping the doors of opportunity as open as possible for the children means keeping the agreement, even if we don’t use “Utes” or the drum and feather logo anymore. It’s the right thing to do.


The bar has been set very low - The Washington Wizards was one of the worst name choices in sports history. (up with the Toronto Raptors…don’t name your team on current pop culture).


Good. This should have happened a long time ago.


there’s no way they say they’ve reviewed it and come back and say, “nah we’re all good, we’ll keep the Redskins name”?

I know the name “Utes” is slightly different in that the name itself isn’t offensive, but I do think it will change one day. We should just prepare ourselves now that it will happen.

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“Redskins” is a racist moniker, similar to the N-word or similar to calling a woman the C-word.

I think ‘Utes’ is totally different and as long at the Ute Tribe is fine with it then we’ll probably keep it. If the Ute Tribe has a problem with it then we can be the Chickens or Moose, or any other name and I’ll be fine with it.


And the Bullets was an name that fitted DC well…

They should change it to “whiteskins” or “crackers” then nobody will ever complain.

Those objecting to Utah nickname don’t speak for Ute Tribe

It could change, however this opinion piece is a pretty good indicator that the Ute Tribe isn’t about to request it anytime soon.