Washington just lost at home to FCS Montana

They’re in the same conference that Weber State has won four years in a row. Gee, maybe you guys should maybe stop criticizing Utah for only beating Weber State by 23 points. Again, maybe people should be happy that their team won AT ALL and stop being so critical of them after a better than 3 touchdown victory.

And #7 Iowa State ekes out a 6 point win against Northern Iowa.


I didn’t see that much complaining on this site about not beating Weber St by more points.

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Here are the P5 losses to G5 (or worse teams) in week 1 in order from worst to least-bad:

Montana over UW
Charlotte over Duke
UTSA over Illinois
East Tennessee over Vanderbilt
Northern Illinois over GT

There are a few chances left (BYU/Arizona, USU/WSU, and Cal/Nevada)

Michigan ended up ranked in 2007
Va Tech ended up ranked in 2010
OSU finished 7-6 in 2013
Iowa finished 8-5 in 2016

We’ll see with UW.

Ok bro