Was Larry a bad nba coach ? Would you like Greg Marshall over Larry?

Don’t follow nba, so I have no idea of Larry during that time. I have lost confidence in his ability to get the program where I think they should be.

Marshall is a helluva coach, but I didn’t follow too closely what happened at Wichita.

I was all about hiring him at Alabama the multiple times our job came available. He seemed to have a great program at Wichita. Reading about the abuse scandal I don’t know if you want that toxic injection into your program.

Alabama doesn’t have a rich history (never made a final four and only one elite 8) in hoops and I wouldn’t want him there. Y’all are a top tier basketball program. A sleeping giant. You can do better than Marshall.

I get Larry has had a few bad seasons but is it really time to make a move?

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We want nothing to do with Greg Marshall.


After some thought–comparing Larry with Whit.
Whit was smart enough to dump all his buddies like ARod & hire young guns like Shah & Scalley who are great recruiters. The head coach is the finisher in recruiting, the assistants do the leg work.
Larry has hung on to the old white guys (I am one so I can use the term) Connor &Hill. Hill has now figured out to recruit in Europe, so he has some use.
Tommy C has not recruited anyone recently, if ever.
That leaves Henry Martinez who brought his son.
That is it.
So they will never have the talent until they get younger & more relevant. Larry will never dump his buddies–he is too old school–so either he moves on or the Utes are a mediocre team

When you have lost Old Standing Ute …

It’s now ironic that Hill did not hire Altman b/c of his salary demands, but ultimately gave LK an extension that dwarfed those demands.

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I think Larry will go out and find an accomplished shooting coach after this season.

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He would be better off finding an accomplished shooter

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The problem isn’t recruiting, it’s development. Look at Kuzma. As soon as he hired his own shooting coach he flourished. Who even is our shooting coach? I guarantee Oregon has an assistant whose sole job is developing players’ shots.

We can hope. At this point, I’m pretty down on LK’s ability to improve the program. I’d love to be proven wrong. That would not break my heart in the least if I were.