Vote limits

Why would you limit the amount of up votes a user can give?

Is there something wrong with appreciating too many people’s posts?

What? You mean, we have voter suppression on UF.N? My mind is blown!

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Only on the vote part, I can still hand out stars, which is the important thing.

I don’t even understand the question.

I tried to vote for a thread and it says,

“You are out of votes, remove an existing vote!”

So I did, but it still won’t let me vote. Just thought maybe it was a glitch or something.
If it’s on purpose, I wondered what could possibly be the philosophy behind limiting user activity in this way?

I understand if a news outlet limits user activity because the site is built on provider content, but this place is 99% user driven, so I don’t get it. I’m probably out of touch on these things.