Villanova at UCLA

Watching this game right now and UCLA is up by 2, 32-30. Really love the atmosphere there – reminded me the of the last Oregon at Utah game I attended. Just love the pace, the back-and-forth excitement of basketball. Even though Utah lost that game, the Huntsman atmosphere was incredible.

Hopeful one day I can experience that again.

Students were supposedly waiting outside Pauley Pavilion for tickets since 4am.

Saw that. Cronin even handed out donuts.

Winning will do that

My son was a student at Gonzaga a few years back and had to camp out in very cold temperatures in a tent to maintain a place in line to buy student tickets for the following Thursday or Saturday evening’s basketball game. When he came back home for the winter holidays, he marveled at the ease UofU students had getting good seats.

Edit to say: he was largely surprised, as he went to all the games growing up, and always remembering available seats in the student section at the U. He was 4 in 1998 when the Ute’s went to the finals.

I remember waiting all night in 1978 before the New Mexico game. It was cold. The athletic dept. had hot chocolate available. It was a classic matchup. Utah won.


Same here. I also remember waiting overnight for Utah vs Arizona circa 1976-7. The famous bomb threat game.

I always thought that, if Snowden’s Arizona team wasn’t getting whipped if they wouldn’t have left the floor before the game was over. That was my memory of it, that the game wasn’t actually over.

Attending USU in the late 90’s we had to spend hours waiting for a spot for games.

Which was somewhat comical, because the other 6-7,000 seats in the arena would be half empty.

USU had great student sections but no community support. Much of the ‘passion’ in Logan, at least then, was truly the lack of other options for entertainment, especially in the winter.