Vante Hendrix (New Mexico) in transfer portal again

Both Hendrix and Donnie Tillman will move on to school #3 next year.


His brother was kicked off the AZ BB team last season.

Larry has been blamed for all of the transfers out of the program and I’m sure he has some blame but clearly most of these kids should have most of the blame. These two seem like a couple of fools.


I have been of the opinion that the transfers indicated either poor judgment or lack of due diligence in recruiting specific players or inability to connect with them once in the program or a combination of both. I am hopeful that whatever the reason, the program is headed in a positive direction.


Incomplete vetting during recruiting.

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Seems like a few turds make it onto the team regardless of the goal of “not recruiting any turds”


Without knowing anything about either situations other than rumors from some that it was “good they left” which I’ve been a bit dubious about… I wonder how you do sort out the “turds”. Seems hard now with helicopter parents, the whole AAU system and the fact that a lot of these athletes are told they are special from about age 6…

I’m not happy with Larry, these misfires are not an excuse for him, but I’m also glad I am not a b-ball coach trying to recruit.

I don’t know either. I just thought it was interesting that one of the main criteria was always “no turds”, yet here we are.

I have nothing against Larry. I’m not in the “Fire Larry” camp. I’m just tired of recruiting classes melting away, to the point that we had one senior this year (a walk on), and one senior next year (a JC transfer).


I’m with you although I am leaning towards the fire Larry camp. This year put up or shut up for him.


I am going to paraphrase something I saw on twitter. I don’t remember who said it originally.

Larry had a difficult childhood. His mother died young. He didn’t get along with his step-mother, so he moved out when he was 15. His older brother became his legal guardian. As a result Larry recognizes the value of hard work and second chances, and he’s more willing than most coaches to give a kid a second chance when he sees a bit of himself in the kid.

He is especially willing to take a chance when the kid is a 4-star recruit. He has to. The Utes struggle to recruit highly ranked kids, and the Utes will struggle to compete in the PAC if they are chronically short on talent.

Sometimes a kid blossoms. Sometimes a kid becomes a turd. Unfortunately, the recent ‘hit rate’ on these kids has been low. Maybe it’s time to push the reset button on this strategy. BUT! I don’t think Larry will ever stop giving second chances. It’s part of his DNA.

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With 13 scholarships & usually a rotation of 9, it makes sense to take a chance on a talent with some issues, if you are not KY or Duke, or paying your recruits (AZ, USC).

With the risk that the turd is so stinky it ruins the whole house.

Utes had a really strong support system set up for Hendrix, but sometimes a person can be their own worse enemy.

There’s also the possibility that Vonte just isn’t that good, and he’s having a hard time accepting that.