Vante Hendrix brother dismissed from Arizona basketball team

If you recall, Vante Hendrix was formerly Devante Doutrive. His brother Devonaire Doutrive signed with Arizona. I believe there was some issues with Utah not recruiting the brother and Vante left Utah to play at New Mexico. At least that’s how I understand the story.

Well now Devonaire has been dismissed from Arizona for violation of team rules. Most likely he enjoyed the 4:20 point of every game.

I know many people complain about Krytskowiak running a tight and clean ship and that’s why kids keep leaving, but I’m on the side of K on this. Toxic players create toxic teams and a culture of unsuccessful seasons.

I agree with running a clean tight ship. You seem to be implying that some of these kids can’t live by Larry’s rule. Maybe it’s just me but seems Larry ought to be weeding those kids out prior to giving them a scholi?


That’s all well and good in a world of perfect information, but unfortunately in the real world you don’t know if these kids are good until you see them day to day. I’m sure that during recruiting only the best side comes out for these kids, whether it’s from the parents, the coaches or the kid himself. Larry, like all other coaches, isn’t a seer who can read minds and/or the future.

Another thing to consider is that some of these kids become problems in college, whereas they were more well-behaved in high school. Whether it’s the newfound freedom, being away from the authority of parents and coaches or getting caught up with the wrong crowd, lots of things can go wrong in an 18-year old’s life in a hurry. I had a friend in high school whose parents left to Spokane prior to his first year at the U. His life fell apart pretty quickly during his first year and he ended up dropping out.


Agree with everything ExquisUte said. Short of giving a personality test before offering a scholarship it’s mostly a gut feeling. Asking HS coaches and teammates won’t help, everybody will be putting on a show. They don’t want to be the one who “ruined it” for the recruit.

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