Van Komen will transfer

Saw it on twitter. Not a surprise. Utes are oversigned by 1, so someone had to go. He seemed like the most likely candidate.

Hope he’s the only one. Fingers are crossed.

I wish him well at other schools who will never play Utah.

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I was fairly certain this would be the outcome when the coaches wanted to red shirt him and he and his family said no. Reading between the lines, those actions said that the coaches believed he was not ready for any playing time and would not be the first year, and the family was not in the mood to be patient for a year.

I’m sincerely sorry it turned out this way and wish him nothing but the best.


I think he’ll be good in a few years. He’s huge, and he can move some.

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Totally agree. He absolutely should have taken a RS. You can’t teach height, but he has a lot to learn. Now he will do it elsewhere. Shame.

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I think that he sort of blew it by taking that stance. A year of having input from Donnie Daniels while not having to lose a year would have done wonders for him. Oh, well, best of luck to him. I hope it works out.

He is years away. Sitting out next year as a transfer will do him good. If he gets a waiver or they change the rule, he still should sit. In warm-ups he could not always dunk on the move. He just needs to age. Too bad he didn’t go on a mission.

I thought I had read he’s not LDS.

Not sure if he is but his Mom played for TDS.