UW/WSU cancelled

No Apple Cup this year. WSU has issues.

UW looking for another game this weekend.

They should wait to see if Utah/asu happens. If our game is on, UW should schedule BYU.

Makes sense. BYU would put their ny6 bowl and top ten ranking on the line. They’d be underdogs as the #8 team in the country against an unranked opponent. They’d have to go transparent on their COVID outbreak issues. But it’s funny, because Zach Wilson wore an “anyone, anytime, anywhere” headband yesterday as they stomped northern Alabama.


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that’s a bad look.

BYU’s schedule is ranked #112 by sagarin. The playoff committee has to consider that byu is looking to backdoor its way in and opted to dodge an opponent who would give us a better feel about how good they are. If I’m one of byu’s players I’m pissed

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No doubt. I’d like to think the committee will send them a message Tuesday night, but that would require a committee that pays attention. I’m not convinced we have such a committee.