UW game thoughts

Impressive comeback and overall performance.

UW really wanted that game and it showed. They may be having a down year but they have a lot of talent and a QB with a lot of potential. Tough loss for them but they will be back and a force in the PAC12 soon.

Sorry to be a bore but expressing some game thoughts is a good form of therapy:

Huntley: I can’t get over how much he has progressed this year. He is a different QB. That early pass to Dixon that floated over the D into a perfect position was a thing of beauty. He has really, greatly improved his accuracy and field leadership. Plus he plays with a ton of heart and just does not want to lose. The early game was a bit rough with all the line difficulties but he battled through. Hell of an effort and he has become a much better passer.

Moss: I really hope he didn’t play after a concussion. That knee to the head was not pretty and he seemed stunned. He is a baller and so much fun to watch. What a game and effort. He and Huntley can really carry the team when needed.

O-Line: rough rough start, lots of moving pieces, got better thought the game. Nice adjustment and improvement. I wish that would have happened at USC, that alone would have probably improved the outcome of that game. It is remarkable what a difference a solid O-line makes.

D-Line: Not a flashy game, ended up with some key sacks and a fumble at the right times but not a flashy performance and that is ok. They largely kept the rushing attack stopped and made plays when the needed too. Would have been amazing to have more pressure early on, Eason does not like pressure.

WR: Dixon, Thompson continue to be the big contributors, Enis and Nacua have had moments but seemed to have taken a step back this year. Hopefully that improves.

TE: Watching the TEs from UW made me a bit jealous that we can’t consistently use ours like that. Kuthie is a weapon but didn’t seem very involved in our game plan. Maybe it was the design, or what the D was giving.

DBs: got beat on a few but two INTS and one for a pick six is hard to complain about. Going to miss some of those guys next year.

Special teams: No missed FG, right? Can’t complain about that. Punting still seems weak, that first punt was fine but seemed like a shank.

Scalley: couldn’t find the right blitz package or how to get QB pressure consistently and got torched on a few long passes but overall seems to be making better adjustments at the right time.

Whitt: This game could have really easily gotten out of control. UW was nearly unstoppable at first and there have been past times where the team rolled over and died. Senior leadership and coaching seemed to make a big difference. Everyone stayed focused and kept doing their thing. Great win.

I can’t say enough about the Hallendale 3. We are very lucky to have them and would love to see more of them in the future!

Great win, great gut check moment and tough fight to win. Hopefully the team stays focused as the favorite and wins out. Win out and something good will happen!


The Hallendale 3 have secured their legacy here. What a great story!
Props to their upbringing and community.

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Huntley and Moss are currently playing at the first team all-conference level.
The O-Line had bad circumstances. That was not the game to start Bam who has had JC experience without HS experience. Scary to finish with a tackle that did not practice all week. Whitt is looking forward to Bam, he just needs a game with a bit less pressure for a stepping stone into D1.
The D-Line removed all hope for Washington to run, that is a big deal.
WRs, Enis and Nacua have not taken a step back, the group has all progressed and now seem even to me. Because we don’t throw as much as last year with Moss out or with Covey in their role seems different. However, their blocking is two steps up from last year. They are getting it done when asked.
TEs, some teams have big WRs they play at TE and I also envy that approach.
DBs, have the play with blown coverage that mars an otherwise very good game. The two picks were big.
Scalley, the Utah defense seems to play a conservative bend but not break start, see the game plan and start tightening screws and finish in a dominating aggressive approach. Recently, that has not given up points at the beginning but the drive Washington put together at the beginning and the blown coverage play for a TD made that approach feel not ready to play, but they did get the screws tight and only gave up the last drive that needed three 4th down conversions with the defense forcing Washington to use almost the entire clock.
Whitt can’t win the conference without some games coming from behind. Most important, things did not get out of control when Washington went up two scores and end to end Utah maintained focus.