Utes/Wildcats to the 6-Day Flex

Only two game times announced for the 23rd.

Cal/Stanford 2PM Mtn. on PAC-12
OSU/WSU 7 PM Mtn. of PAC-12

Fox/ESPN using the 6-day Flex on all four other games
Oregon/Arizona State

Ugh. I’m heading down to Tucson for the game. I wish they would give us a time so we can decide whether we should return to Yuma where our son is stationed that night or wait until the next morning…

Here are the options Paqo,

1:30 or 5:30 (MT) on ESPN or that wonderful 8:30 MT on Fox. I was wrong, there are only three other games, not four.

Do you know when they will announce it?

Next monday

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In the past it has been late Saturday night after the games are over.

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So the games that are on the 6-day flex are:

From what I can find out the picks are Fox first, ESPN with the two remaining. With that my guess is that Fox will take the Battle for Los Angeles with the number one pick and ESPN will put ASU/Oregon in the 5:30 window leaving Utah/UCLA with the 1:30 slot. Again, that’s just my guess.

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I looked at attending this game, but passed. Hotel rates were way high. Must be due to Thanksgiving and Snowbirds. Due to unknown game time, was looking at two nights plus rental car.

I needed to be in Southern Az a lot last year when my Father broke his hip. Hotels were almost totally booked every day. It was because of enhanced border patrol. Temp reassigned Feds filled up all the rooms. Hotels management was happy, staffs hated it.

When we went down a few years ago we stayed in Phoenix and drove down. Meant a late night, but the rsted were much better.

When I checked the pac 12 website at 0200 hours it showed an 8 pm mst kickoff on FS1