Utes vs. UCLA 2020

We do not have a thread on this game yet, which surprised me at first. But it’s not surprising since we don’t really know if we are actually having the game. Anyway, here’s Josh Newman’s article about the game. He notes that UCLA has played and we haven’t, which is an interesting point. We’ve seen video of them, and they haven’t seen any of us. I guess that’s a small advantage for us.

does anyone know the 2 position groups that were decimated by the virus? I have a sneaky suspicion its the O and D lines. Which is not good.

I know Nick Ford has tweeted that he is not allowed to play despite many negative tests. So, yeah, the line. Get ready to see some walk ons in there.

Unless college football decides to hold up on this mess, this season is an exhibition season only. It’s just for reps.

If I were Whitt, I would cancel the game and move onto next week. When healthy kids are not allowed to play, exactly #WhyTAF are we even trying to have a season?

It doesn’t matter though, the nerds of the Ivy League shut all of it down for the whole year. They will look forward to profiting off the COVID class actions.

Since when does UCLA have a Dline that we won’t man-handle?? We could line up some of our huskier cheerleaders against UCLA’s defense and still get 4 yards a carry.

This why there’s no game thread.

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Game has been cancelled.

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We rule no game day thread until kickoff. All in favor go beat up LA Ute for tempting 2020.


COVID-19 running out of control with no plan to get it in check…

Can’t get enough players cleared to play…

Time for Harlan to simply call it off and move onto fall 2021.

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Which schools have actually played games?

Sancho’s right, this is turning into a season of exhibition games.

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The irony is the PAC 12 thought it had cleared a path to a smooth season by waiting for a rapid result test…oops. At least they’re erroring on the side of safety.

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