Utes vs. Tommies

St. Thomas Tommies out of Minnesota not the Caribbean (I had to look it up)

Only Minnesota could confuse the hell out of America.


from my count 0 turnovers so far from Utah, but we’ve given up about 6 offensive boards

This team is slowly improving

Utes up 12 at half.

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maybe the best Utah has played all year, up 27

Utes up 27 in the 2nd with 6:35 to play.

Nice to have an easy one vs a D1 program. Bostyn Holt sighting - has a nice 3 ball. He other newbies getting lots of quality time.


Utes win by 29. Jaxon Brenchley mugged a guy with 22 seconds left, otherwise would have been 31.

5 players in double digits and the newcomers got solid minutes. It will be interesting to see how they narrow the rotation. Exacte is a talent, Keita has very high upside, Holt looks polished.

Not much Saunders tonight, but this game didn’t reveal much, besides a clear jump up in talent from Year 1 of the Smih era.


They have 11 players that are decent.
Starting 5 plus Lazar will get plenty of minutes—the rest will be interesting.

Have to play Keita so he develops—he is an amazing athlete for someone his size. He had a block that did not count because of a foul/whistle where he went top of the backboard high.
Exacte makes mistakes but as a freshman should get minutes to help him figure it out.

Beyond that ??


Thought Stefanovic and Holt made some good comments in this post-game interview.