Utes vs OSU tonight - in Corvallis

6:30 PM mountain time on PAC-12 network. Utes are a slight favorite in Vegas.

No Jantunen tonight. No word on Jones.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!!

Tough not having Jantunen while he is playing for his country. (Great experience for him that he and our fans should be proud of). He is arguably the most consistent player on the team this year. Usually good for a few baskets, a handful of rebounds and a few assists, knocks down most of his free throws, gets the occasional block or steal, defends well, and doesn’t make a lot of turnovers.

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I consider us to be serious underdogs in all our games until he is back. Jones, too, to a lesser extent.

Yep and his defensive consistency is particularly impressive. Not typically equated with Euro players, and something this team really lacks otherwise.

Pre-game show says Rylan Jones will not play.



This 2nd half is something else. Spend the first five minute looking like we’ve got it together, then like crap ever since. Pathetic effort and down 13 after leading by 5.

In a different note, I may be strange but I like the Union 76 commercials. They’re quirky enough to entertain.

I dont know what to say about this one.

Just deflating and demoralizing

Plummer and Larsson really struggling. Being down Jones and Jantunen already we didn’t have a prayer

Just looked out of sync 75% of the game.

Oh look we suck. So shocked.

I liked what Ethan Thompson did. Trouble is he isn’t a Ute.

We weren’t going to win games without two starters.

With 8 losses, we’ve now officially passed the “can’t make the tournament as an at-large” threshold.

Now it’s all about giving Larry some wins in the remainder of his farewell tour.

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That was brutal to watch. The turnovers. The rebounding, or lack thereof. This program has no energy.

2-6 in Corvallis with LK? Awesome.

The raw numbers off the loss were startling. Twenty turnovers, six of which belonged to Timmy Allen, who was otherwise excellent with 24 points, nine rebounds and seven assists. Utah (9-9, 6-8 Pac-12) shot 38.5% from the floor and 16.7% from 3-point range, finished minus-7 on the glass, and yielded 12 offensive rebounds.

Coughed up the ball like a broken slot machine. Too many easy paydays for OSU to turn into points. After giving up 10 turnovers in the first half, it should’ve been “hell comes to breakfast” in the locker room at halftime.

I guess we don’t do that anymore.

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At least I did get a laugh when on yet another live ball turnover (many of which were turning into contested dunks) the Beaver player approached the basket and the ball just sort of flew up into the air. Whatever he was planning to do to try make the ESPN top 10 plays didn’t quite work for him.