Utes vs Oregon tonight

On paper Oregon should be better than their record. This is surprising, because Altman is highly regarded as a coach. They usually punch a bit above their weight. Their only good win is vs Villanova, and they have a couple of ugly losses (UVU, UC Irvine). Part of the disappointment has been due to health issues, and they are now starting to get healthy.

Dante and Ware are solid bigs who will be a challenge for Carlson. Will Richardson is a good scoring PG. Guerrier is a highly regarded forward.

They are big and hit the boards hard. They are deep with 8 playing >20 mpg, and 2 more >15 mpg. They use their depth to press a lot, and pressing teams have caused problems for the Utes at times.

Unfortunately for OU they are turnover prone (average -2 per game), shoot badly from deep (29%), and are bad at the FT line (66%).

Can’t forget Altman OWNS the Utes.

Big game. Utes need to accumulate wins now while the schedule is less difficult. The schedule gets tough in mid February. The Utes will likely be underdogs in 4 of their last 5.


My 2 cents.

I hope that Coach Smith can start owning the Ducks. That’d be a pleasant change.

It’s sort of surprising to me that Brenchley is now in the rotation after barely seeing the floor. What did I miss that forced this change?

Is that why we are down by double digits?

Well…it’s 29-15 with the first half almost over. Looks like Altman still holds the deed to the Huntsman Center.

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Can’t shoot in our own building. I would hope that can’t carry throughout the game.

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Attendance looks better. Maybe that’s spooking them.


I don’t think we’ve seen them this cold this season.

With the abysmal shooting to start the game I feel pretty good going into the half down 7. That’s workable.

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How do we not get that rebound after a second missed FT?

I don’t think we should be terribly discouraged by this game. We’re still getting better and better. There will be bumps in the road and in some games we’ll just be outmatched.


1st half lack of shooting is the whole story. We had chances and it’s really closer than the final margin. I knew we’d lose soon, but this team is still worthy of our support.

I just wish Altman didn’t have our number year after year after year.


3 of 21 in 3-pt attempts…nice.

I think you mean 3pt attempts.

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Got lazy. Three guys just looked at it.

This one is on me. I finally went to see them live.

That was a winnable game.

Too many unforced turnovers & rebounds that bounced the wrong way.

One problem is that Worster is in a shooting slump. Can’t hit a 3, so they can cover Madsen & pack it in around Branden Carlson.
Leaves Marco as a mid range scorer—but he & Lazar can not carry the load.

Hate losing to the Ducks!

Tough shooting night. Other than Marco who had an outstanding game and Keita, no one could hit any shots. Very encouraged by an improved fan turnout, even the students had a respectable showing. Hope that continues. A lot more fun up there when spectators are creating an atmosphere.