Utes vs. Oregon State 2021: Beat the Beavs

Here’s the prediction from Austin Mock at The Athletic. I hope the Ute players keep that chip on their shoulders.

Utah at Oregon State over 55.5 (-110)

This isn’t the first time my model will be biting on an over involving Oregon State. If you recall, two weeks ago we bet the over in the Beavers’ game against Washington State, which saw a combined total of 958 yards but somehow only managed 55 combined points. Plain and simple, my model thinks Oregon State’s offense is pretty solid, but the defense is just bad. Utah, since turning to Cameron Rising at quarterback a few weeks ago, has shown improvement on offense and has scored 35-plus against USC and Arizona State the past two weeks. I’m sure Rising can rise up and score 35-plus here again and help this over get home. Utah’s defense is a stout group but Oregon State, off a bye, should have enough juice to keep pace with Utah and attempt to overcome the Beavers’ horrid defense.

Model projection: Utah 32.4, Oregon State 27.8

The weather in Corvallis calls for continuous rain all weekend.

{must resist inane Beaver jokes}


I have resisted all week…but it’s hard.


Utes D must get physical with the beav’s. Make them sweat and groan for every inch…

Tee heee heee


Ranks right up there with Ducks as a silly mascot name.

It’s like the state of Oregon got last pick on mascots. Ducks? Beavers?


Bunch of damned Barkrats. :wink:

The Beavers name is so bad it’s great. One of my all time favorites.

Also, their football uniforms (orange/black) are sharp… add the silly beaver face on the helmet…masterpiece. I have no idea why but I always root for the beavs (when not playing the Utes)


I’m with you. I root for Oregon St too - they’re kind of like my Pac-12 Utah State - if you know what I mean.


this would end Utah playing USC every year but, I don’t hate this


I’m all for this on one condition, round robin.

Is this a beauty contest or based on CFP rankings?

It would be a good time to scale back to eight conference games (unless all other P5 conferences go to nine conference games - which would be my preference).

Are beavers just big rats with flat tails? Also, did beavers kill Indians or was it the other way around?

The moral of the story is that the Ute players had better take the Oregon State Beavers seriously. :wink:

Beavers are not dangerous if left alone . However, they will stand their ground and confront a threat. If trapped or cornered, a beaver will attack a human. The rodents’ sharp teeth may cause serious injury as well as infection.

Read all about it here:


Utah 37, Beavs 17

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Utes by 17

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Utah 42
Beavs 20

Dogfight in first half. Utah Defense shuts down OSU in the second half. Utah Offense rolls in second half.

It’s been our MO so far…


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99-2 for Utah. Mercy rule invoked.