Utes vs. Mizzou

Years ago I was an LDS missionary on the campus of Mizzou. Great memories. Went to a few Tiger basketball and football games. Got flashed frequently. I have a soft spot in my heart for Columbia. But today, go Utes ( SEC network)

no Carlson but the Tigers aren’t very good (crosses fingers)

Jenkins makes his first two 3’s Utes up 9-8 early

Did the ghost ofJim Fassel take over teaching the hoops team defense?

And…that’s game…

Ouch. This was there to win.

Missouri St. Louis Mission alum here!

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Game effort but too many offensive rebounds (where have we heard that before?). Missed Carlson and really need Mahorcic to come back soon.

Then Oregon goes and hangs with #1 Baylor.

That’s is what I thought as well. We led, were tied, or were only down two most of the second half and the thing that kept the Tigers in the game at all was their second chances.

Also, with about 2 minutes left in the game, Gach took a shot that was so terrible, I can’t even believe it. There was time left on the shot clock, 30 feet from the rim, guarded by a guy much bigger and slower than him, and he launches a bomb that misses badly. From there, Utah was forcing and taking bad shots and the game got away from them.

Also, can I say that Battin was so terrible yesterday. We really needed him without Carlson. I am sure he is a great guy, but yesterday he had a lot of difficulty.

I will say this…

Welcome to COVID season 2.0. Between injuries and protocols, it is going to be damned hard to field an elite team for any school this season. We were never even looking to hit the level of elite. The best we can hope for is a competitive team. So far, with the exception of the TCU game, they have looked generally competitive. We lost a game we could’ve won. Hopefully we will learn from the experience.

We only have a handful of games left before Conference play begins in earnest. Conference games are the games that really matter. Steal a few wins from teams who are supposed to roll us…hell, make the elites have to work hard for a win, would show we are trending in the right direction.

I’ll take what we can get as a positive right now.

I think the PF position is by far our biggest hole. Can we trade or sign a free agent before conference play???