Utes visit Stanford

Utes are a 1.5 point underdog. Interesting. I guess the bettors, like us fans, can’t remember the last time the Utes swept a conference road trip. It’s been years.

Stanford isn’t very good, but they’re not Cal bad. They have some experience, and a couple of guys who can really play. They can’t shoot and they struggle with turnovers, but they are solid on the boards and play good D. This one should be another rock fight. First team to score 60 wins. 50 might be enough!

Utes up 15 with 8 minutes to play. Looking like a 4-0 conference start with two very winnable games coming up. Although Altman’s Ducks are like 900-2 against Utah.

I haven’t been able to watch much college ball this year.

It’s only taken me 10 minutes of game time to see David Hall and company are still awful officials.


Case in point, one end hand fighting is an offensive foul, the other end a shoulder to the chest to clear a shooter is a no call.


Also, when did college basketball become a replay on every damn play?

This is silly.

It really is nice to see an Utah team that does not fall apart in the final minutes of a close game.


Too many turnovers, but a win is a win.

It’s a good sign to see them get the road sweep.

They play hard & play really good defense.

When they get a 2nd scorer to go with Carlson (today Lazar) they are a decent team.

I can only dream that they beat the Ducks at home. I really dislike (my New Years resolution to be less critical), that jerk Altman.


Since Defense travels, it’s a good sign we might find enough wins to get into the NIT.

They will have to win the CCG to get to the Big Dance.

Random observations on the win over Stanford:

A win is a win. I’ll take it. 4-0 baby!! Next is home vs the Oregon schools. Both games are winnable but OSU is competent, and Dana Altman and the Ducks have owned the Utes. Both games will be tough.

As predicted, the game was a rock fight. I feel surprised that so many points were scored. Stanford got hot from 3 in the second half and made things interesting, but they finished the game at 32%, which is right around their average.

Utes were -10 in turnovers (OUCH!) and -8 offensive rebounds. That enabled Stanford to get up 24 more shots. Don’t win many when that happens. Good thing Stanford can’t shoot! That was partially offset by the Utes aggression which resulted in 15 additional FT’s, and 82% FT shooting.

Smith continues to tighten the rotation. Only 5 played more than 10 minutes, and 2 more came close. Makes me wonder if fatigue has become an issue in these second half fades.

Ben Carlson put up zero stats in 10 minutes, except for 1 turnover. Am I allowed to say I miss Riley Battin yet?

People complain about Sauders not playing, but I think Holt should see more minutes first. Lazar has proven OK as the backup PG. The Utes run a lot of plays to free up Madsen for shots, but they rarely work. That needs to be improved.

My 2 cents.


If the team would take care or f the ball better, they might be pretty good.