Utes V. Sled pullers

Anybody know how to watch this game for a cord cutter? I dropped sat TV and I don’t see this on any of my streaming apps
I’ve got SlingTV +pAc12 networks and ABC sports (but the abc sports says I need a tc provider)


The game is on ABC regular TV.

I don’t have regular TV I cut the cord. No signal. I’m 100% digital stream only.

My bad. I can’t help you then.

Play sports bar might be a good bet for you.

Since when do you need cable to get an over the air network?? Use an antenna.

I’m on sling too. I think you can get to it via ESPN3 or the ESPN app if connected to the TV provider since ABC and ESPN are commonly owned. Also, as a backup I have Twitch for Roots’ feed. Thanks Utestuck!

Feel bad for this sound guy. He never saw it coming, and was out the moment he hit the ground.

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Do you live in a city of more than 20K people? if so just go to Walmart and buy an antenna, and boom, free TV without any cords or cables! Antenna + Sling and you are set for life my friend!

Good thing he was wearing that bright green vest.