Utes Stay at #8 in This Week's AP Poll

Penn State dropped below; Minnesota climbed up to #7 (Oregon to 6)

The whole country is seeing the ridiculous bias on full display, with Bama staying in the top four, and I love seeing the outrage. It won’t change anything, but I love seeing more and more people pointing at the Emperor’s new clothes and ridiculing the media for their pandering to the SEC


Doesn’t matter. If Utah or Oregon win out they are in. Just handle your business


Minnesota will drop. I’d be shocked if they didn’t lose at least two games this year.


Just win out. That is the only thing to worry about. Nothing else matters. Win out and worst case scenario is the rose bowl. I’d be happy with that

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Alabama’s SOS is 46. Utah’s is 48. So yeah, Alabama should have dropped some more. Still, how equivalent is Alabama losing to LSU at home to Utah losing to SC in the Coliseum.

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I heard Bill Riley say Bama was 65th out of 65 P5 programs.

I think that was before playing the #2 team yesterday.

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Actually, the humans like us more than the computers do. We are 13 in the ESPN FPI and in Sagarin.

I have a lot of questions about how normalized SOS is and recalculated.

NCAA College Football SOS Rankings & Ratings - Basic.

ESPN is not a sports analysis network per se as much as it is a purveyor of sports with an emphasis on their own brands. SEC is their network. So it is to their advantage to hype the SEC. The top tier of SEC teams get the lion’s share of the best HS recruits every year to keep this system going, with more than small help from ESPN.

The consuming public has been groomed for years by ESPN on this.

The Pac-12 has several disadvantages.

  1. A time zone 2 to 3 hours removed from Eastern Time.
  2. USC is no longer a dominant program, as Oregon and Washington moved into that gap.
  3. A huge TV footprint in two time zones, Mountain and Pacific.
  4. A wholly owned network, versus ESPN’s brand.
  5. Approximately 76% of the US population lives east of the Rocky Mountains. Sixty percent live east of the Mississippi River.

It of course sticks in my craw that that Minnesota jumped us while we were on a bye, but…

It really doesn’t matter much. The Big10 will get a school in, and that school will likely be OSU or Minnesota (though Penn State is not out of the picture).

Tuesday’s ranking might have Minnesota ahead of us, and it doesn’t matter there either. I think Utah is very close to controlling our destiny as far as the playoff goes.

We’ll never know. Alabama going “out west” is a trip to Georgia or every other year or so to Louisiana.

To be fair we go to Arlington, Texas next year (Southern Cal) and we have one more Neutral site vs Miami the year after. Then our Home and Homes with Texas and USF (Sure it’s not P5) start. Shortly we add Home and Homes with Wisconsin, Florida State and Notre Dame over the next 10 years.

They are planning on a West Coast Home and Home like we did with Hawaii and UCLA.

Saban has always tried to schedule well. He’s not the problem in the SEC; it’s the rest of the teams. And Florida has been scheduling all kinds of games that were previously unheard of for the Gators.

What we really need is for the playoff committee to leave the SEC out one year because they only play 8 conference games.

If the goal of the CFP is to determine the best football team in the nation then if LSU is in it, Bama should be out. Nobody wants or needs to see a rematch. Until they expand to more than four games really that is the way it has to be. Until then the regular season is the playoff.

But yeah, we need to take care of our business first and we still have some decent hurdles and a big hurdle to even justify consideration. Until then I don’t really care.


12-1 Oregon, 12-1 Utah, 12-1 Oklahoma all get the last playoff spot before 11-1 Alabama.

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Devil’s (Saban) advocate

Oregon- Lost to common opponent that Alabama will have beat.
Utah- will have a loss to a pretty mediocre SC
OU-Loss to a lesser opponent and as common as Bama in the playoff the committee has been burned by OU.

Meanwhile, Alabama’s one loss is a 6 point loss to #1. If we are going by resume I am not sure anyone will have an “impressive win.” After the top 8 everyone is pretty meh.

UF hasn’t played a non-conference game outside of Florida or neutral since 1991. They only scheduled Utah in the next 10 years.

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Florida’s been famous for not travelling, which is why their new philosophy made news:

This site lists Colorado and Texas as well: