Utes sign yet ANOTHER QB today

The unsettled QB position at Utah is giving lots of folks a chance to compete for the starting position. We will have a ton of QBs, interesting to see who is with the team after spring ball/summer camp.

At the end of the day we will have 3 QB’s and a bunch of awesome linebackers with mad skills.

Nail in the coffin for Bentley…eh?

You may be correct.

I’m pretty sure that happened yesterday.

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This is crazy. How would I feel if I won the job, got hurt, and then saw the team bring in three guys to try to compete for my spot?

How will Brewer feel if he doesn’t get the job? We were worried that recruiting another qb might drive Costelli away, but now that he’s signed we bring in a ton of competition. This is all so strange. But we should end up with a good qb or two at the end of it.

@sancho…don’t forget the supposedly best HS QB recruit out of Washington state committed to Utah for the 2022 class.

If you were a competitor you would feel motivated to come back stronger than ever.

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Maybe, that’s a dying breed though. Nowadays, most athletes in that situation just transfer.

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There is no guarantee Rising will be able to get back from the injury before the start of next season, let alone be effective if he does come back.

What I saw during this practice-season gives me hope for next fall. The reps all those freshman players got will matter. Hopefully Rising can be a part of next season’s run to win the PAC-12 South and championship. If he doesn’t, hopefully one of the guys from the pool steps up and brings us up to that championship level again.


I hope that, instead of transferring, one of the back-ups switches position.

I will say this, I’m intrigued by the Jackson transfer. No, I don’t think he’ll pan out as a passing QB and thus will not solve the 15 year kwhitt “throw game” riddle. BUT, jackson is and elite athlete, and could be a major factor on both O or D. Unfortunately, we’ll need to go thru two years of trying to make jackson a D1 QB before he shines at LB.

This is the way.

Does Jackson have to sit a year?

I know Brewer is a grad transfer, so he is eligible immediately.

The NCAA passed a “one year only” transfer without waiting opportunity.

So we’ll see guys transfer in & some have already transferred out, with the opportunity to play immediately.