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Halfway thru the season - what positions needs the most help via recruiting/transfer portal?

Gotta say I’m a bit concerned with what’s going on with the LB’s. All that supposed talent has not bore fruit - yet.

I’ve heard zero, ziltch, nada regarding the Calver brothers, Tafuga and Reynolds. The fact that 4 stars are not even getting a mention has me a bit concerned out this position in 2022.


I realized today that three of our four defensive lineman are freshmen, and so is almost our entire defensive back field. Not sure why that is, but I’m sure the coaches are paying attention to it.


I wouldn’t worry about those guys. They will be fine after this year and spring ball. This recruiting class could be small unless there is a large number of transfers and/or Covid Juniors (the Utes have 18) who choose to make themselves available for the NFL draft or simply move on with life. Although they missed a lot of games in 2020, the physical and mental toll was as great or greater than in a normal year. I suspect that the majority of those 18 will either be battling to get on NFL rosters or looking for jobs outside of football.
The positions that will be hit hardest are TE and WR, where it is likely that Kuithe, Fotheringham and Kincaid all test NFL waters and guys like Covey and Enis simply move on.


Oregon OT Kingsley Suamataia has entered the portal. He was the #1 recruit in Utah in the last class. 4 stars, and from Orem. Rumor is he’s homesick. Go get him Whitt!


He’s likely headed to BYU.

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This class will likely be smaller than usual. Probably in the 15-20 range. Only 9 seniors, maybe a small handful of Jrs declare. There’s only a few that make sense.

The seniors on the roster do not count against the 85 scholarship limit due to the Covid extension of eligibility. From my count, the Utes currently have 81 guys on scholarship, accounting for the transfer portal entries of Brewer and Moala. My guess is that of the 15 scholarship juniors (who are really seniors) the following will not be returning next year: Covey, Enis, Ford, Fotheringham, Hubert, Kaufusi, Kincaid, Kuithe, Lloyd, Sewell, Tafua. Most of those guys will have NFL opportunities and I believe those who don’t will simply decide that their bodies have taken enough. In addition, there will also be 5-7 who decide to enter the transfer portal. The result will be a class of about 20.
The real scholarship crunch will be in 2023 because the Utes will have a very small senior class (5 or 6).


Covey isn’t leaving. After next season he will have vested his retirement benefits. :wink:


I don’t see that many leaving early or are they just moving on with life? I’d still be surprised to see that many


Covey hinted that this would be his last year in an interview earlier this year. Enis and Sewell have battled injuries and Hubert has medical issues as well. I think the others get shots in NFL. I think we can tell from the recent offers to TE’s and WR’s that we need to restock those positions.


Maybe this guy is another Covey type. There will never be another Covey, of course. This guy is pretty small.

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Nobody will ever be on the team for almost a decade? :wink:

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It looks like kwhitts strategy of waiting until late to sign big time talent wont pan out this year. I expect a lot of back fill “diamonds in the rough” guys to fill out this years class.

He isn’t waiting to fill the class with HS talent, he is going to LOAD up on the transfer portal.

Tyler Knaak committed to Utah today. See a Twitter for details.


Everyone seems to pointing to this as some sort of “commitment”.

Reads more like just a “thanks for the recruiting visit” tweet to me.

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You are correct. I was too quick to see Tyler as committed. But I believe he’s a Ute.

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You’re right.

He’s said on his Twitter he’ll commit then sign on signing day. Not sure why people think he committed