Utes MBB 99 - 58 over Jax State


Not sure which one of the announcers said this describing a Marco Anthony steal, but it was awesome. " Give me your lunch money punk!"


Did what we were supposed to do…run them out of the gym. Exacte is learning, but is still pretty raw. Like the overall energy of the team. If they can keep trending up the way they are, they could make some noise in the PAC 12 this season. One thing is for certain, any of the teams trying to phone one in will be in for a surprise.



Holt, Saunders, Keba and Exacte got 9, 11, 15 and 13 minutes last night. I would have liked to see them each get 3 or 4 more each on a night like that.


I think we all would have liked to see more from those guys, but here’s the elephant in the room. You notice we jumped 11 spots in NET overnight. Supposedly margin of victory is capped at a certain point, but offense and defense metrics are a big part of the equation. So…yea…running up the score matters. If you’re gonna play a Q4 team you’re much better off beating them by 40 than 15. I would almost guarantee that if we had won by 15 we would have moved up in NET marginally.


What is our NET rating now?

Edit: Just found it. 18. The thing is, our two losses are to number 20 and number 5. Not bad.


I like what Craig is building. It was hard to see it last year, but its more evident today. Clearly its a work in progress, but I think this is an NIT team at a minimum and with some breaks, good health and fortune??? Guys that played major minutes last year arent seeing the floor this year.


I’m not holding my breath for this, but Lunardi has the Utes in as a #11 seed in his ESPN Bracketology predictions. If they keep playing this way, the NIT is the floor for this team.

Inspired by previous posters on this thread, I scanned the NET ratings chart to see where our upcoming opponent (who shall remain nameless) for next Saturday lies. It’s pretty stunning to see them down in the 200s, with half a dozen WCC teams ahead of them. This is certainly a low point for them. Of course, that game is always competitive and unpredictable, so who knows what to expect? No doubt at least some dastardly shenanigans from those dimwitted chowderheads. Wins in that game and the one coming up soon against UTSA will be crucial if we want to make Lunardi’s prediction a reality.

And, I always like to end my comments on this subject in the manner of Cato the Elder’s speech-ending mantra “Carthago delenda est”…we must stop playing those hapless buffoons for good!


So you’re saying we have been essentially playing :cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake:.

Really having fun watching this team the last few weeks (Arizona last week by far the most enjoyable Ute hoops game I’ve been to in quite some time).

Have a couple of good tests remaining before PAC play starts up in force (Provo against a BYU team seeming to be on a downturn, they got drilled by UVU, but it will be a hostile crowd, as well as a good TCU team in the Jazz arena) which will help measure what this team is capable of.


It’s like we’ve been saying. Playing TSPP does nothing for us. We either do what’s expected by winning or lose and hurt our tourney chances.


I agree. Playing TSPP (Texas Society of Psychiatrics Physicians) does nothing for anyone.

Arizona is a very well coached and deeply talented team. Looked great against Indiana today.

Wasu is really well coached and tough. Lost a close one at Vegas today.

Indiana is ranked 14, Vegas undefeated.