Utes in the NFL

Terrible news for Tim Patrick


That’s just heartbreaking. He’s worked his ■■■ off to not only stay in the NFL but to work his way up the ladder and be a key part of the Broncos. I hope he can recover from this. He’s been tough enough in the past to do it.


Sucks to see him lose a season only a few days into training camp. Hope he get better and comes back with a vengeance.

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Huge opportunity coming up this season for Cody.

Cody Barton embraces ‘more responsibility’ on Seahawks defense


Covey getting lots of love in Philly.


Handy guide for following the Utes in the NFL this week.

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Covey still getting the love in Philly. My friend back there keeps calling me with updates. He said they had a recent eye-hand coordination drill where all receivers lined up for receiving punts. They had to hold a foam ball in one hand and when the punt came, throw the foam ball in the air, catch the punt and then catch the foam ball. Only one player on the team could do it, and he did it every time without dropping a ball. That’s our boy!


Covey will make the roster as a return specialist and eventually play his way into the receiving rotation.

Kinda like Steve Smith did at Carolina.


From his 247 profile: Britain Covey is a 5-9, 170-pound All Purpose Back from Provo, UT. He is ranked No. 1350 in the country by 247Sports.
Covey is the No. 18 recruit in Provo, UT (84604) State

Funny to look back on this. I lived away for many years but isn’t he arguably (along with Ngata & that Jordan QB) the best high school player ever in the state?


Here’s the evidence!


My friend from Philly told me that Covey tore a ligament in his thumb last night and probably won’t make the team. Too bad if that turns out to be the case. I was really looking forward to him adding some excitement to their punt returns.


A Philly journalist tweeted that he tore a thumb ligament but that’s all I’ve seen about it. If true, it probably means they stash him on the practice squad for now.

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and then a PAC12 ref erased the INT and called Chase for targeting :wink:


Sounds like Covey’s injury is just a sprain - not torn ligaments. This is great news.


Tough kid, he was out catching punts the next practice after the thumb injury. He is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

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Cut day was not kind

WR Britan Covey (Philadelphia Eagles)
LB Chase Hansen (New Orleans Saints)
LB Nephi Sewell (New Orleans Saints)
S Marquise Blair (Seattle Seahawks)
DE Mika Tafua (Dallas Cowboys)
OL Bamidele Olaseni (Las Vegas Raiders)
DE Bradlee Anae (NY Jets)
OL Nick Ford (Jacksonville Jaguars)
OL Darrin Paulo (Detroit Lions)
CB Javelin Guidry (NY Jets)
RB T.J. Pledger (Arizona Cardinals)

Hopefully some will be signed to practice squads or picked up by other teams in need. I guess there’s USFL or a few options, but hopefully they can pursue their dreams unless that was it and time to start the rest of their lives.

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8 signed to practice squads, pretty much with the team they were practicing with.

Deseret News: Britain Covey signing to Philadelphia Eagles practice squad.


its likely covey moves up due to the trade the Eagles made yesterday.


Marcus Williams had a heck of a debut for the Ravens