Utes in Seattle this afternoon

Game at 3PM MT time on the PAC-12 network.

Another winnable game. Like the Utes, Washington isn’t very good. They are playing better lately, winning 4 of their last 5, but the best win in that stretch was home vs Stanford. The only tough team they played in that run was Oregon, who won by 28.

They have trouble scoring, but are solid defensively. They shoot poorly, and regularly get out rebounded (-7 per game). They thrive off turnovers (+5 per game), and turnovers have been a problem for the Utes.

I’ll be watching if the power stays on in Boston. GO UTES!!

Fell apart and lost a huge second half lead in Salt Lake against them. Hopefully Carlson can shake of his rust and he and the team can win this one. Huskies did just get a quality win against the Buffaloes (who had just knocked off a hot Oregon team).

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Utes up 43-40. I’m clutching my pearls

You jinxed it. :wink:

Nice11-0 run to get there, though.

Lahat is summoning the ghost of Chris Reyes around the rim.


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I tried to find the game. The PAC 12 Network needs to get their ■■■■ together and get on YoutubeTV

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That block of Worster’s shot is Gach’s fault. He could have slowed up to screen out the guy but got lazy.

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Can’t the producer tell this color guy it’s Marco Anthony and not Mark Anthony?

The Serb!

I want to love Both Gach, but he drives me nuts.

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Well, on to OT

Brandon looking much better today

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Dumb offensive foul time.


Take aim, shoot foot.


Well, *%#^! Best shot at a win in a while and against a team that’s on a decent run.


Just couldn’t quite pull it off. The 20 turnovers are interesting. I attribute many of them, maybe most, to the other team being quicker, but there were plenty of boneheaded turnovers. Two traveling calls at critical moments during regulation and overtime, plus Both stepping on the line at another key moment. Maybe the guys just need to learn how to win again.

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Same with me. When he’s good, he’s really good. When he’s bad, he’s maddening.


FWIW, they looked like they ran out of gas. Whenever I see a team do that, I keep remembering the 30 for 30 “40 Minutes of Hell” and hoping we see our team become could develop up to being able to bring it the way that Arkansas team did. In a lot of ways, Rick’s teams did some of the same, though they weren’t as athletic. Length and speed could give us a shot. That is not who we have right now.

He is good for stepping out of bounds 1 time per game. Don’t step back! Or down your shoes 1 size.