Utes host Colorado tonight

Game time 7:30PM mountain time on ESPNU. It’s senior night, so try to get there a bit early to cheer for the senior presentations.

I’ll be watching! GO UTES!!

Utes favored by 2.

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Strange starting lineup tonight.

Down by 18 with 8:42 to go, first half. Didn’t see this coming.

We need to get about 7 future pros in the transfer portal

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If this keeps up we’re going to get blown out by 30 points at home, by a team we were favored to beat.

Tonight had the most depressing senior ceremony I think I have seen in any sport ever

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Can you share the details?

This is about 1/3 we’re in a first year with limited horsepower and 2/3 CU playing really well at the end of the season.

Battey with a career night, mostly from 3? Sigh… Not much to be said.

Goal next year should be NIT.

Utes are so undersized it is almost not fair.

They have to play Brenchley or Lazar as the 4. And pack in the paint to help them, so 3’s are wide open.

And Colorado shot 60% from 3—ouch.

Really glad this season is over.

Like everyone else, I was bummed about our game - but proud of the lack of quit, and hopeful for reasonable improvement next season.

Then I flipped over to the USF game against the Provo collection and smiled at how Lohner continues to drive them all nuts. The gift that keeps on giving.

We’re a long way off from thinking about getting elite talent ala UA, UO, UCLA, but the USF guards were really impressive, reminiscent of Brandon Taylor, but the quicks and length to get to the rack in traffic. Those two completely dominated the game.

Don’t know what the background is on Shabazz and Bouyea, but it seems to me the PAC has enough hoops credibility for Smith to attract similar talent. Players want to compete, be on Sports Center, make their name. We need to find talent that wants to take down U of A, Oregon & the Bruins.


What did Lohner do? (Or not do?)

Zero points in 28 minutes

Other than LDS I am wondering what Pope pitches to potential recruits, especially portal transfers.
Big kid from Purdue did nothing to advance at BYU & now he is ??
TeJon Lucas looked like the best player on the floor when they played the Utes, now he is doing nothing & appears to have no BB future.
Seneca Knight—not really showing anything.

Lohner not developing.

So why the Y—unless you grew up playing ward ball?


That’s kind of the way it’s always been at byu. Have they developed a legit NBA talent in the last 40 years? Sean Bradley only made the NBA because of his size, not his ability.
Pope has made a living from the transfer portal, the last few years they have several newcomers that only have one year to play & they usually end up getting a lot of minutes. Not that race and religion matter, but Pope has found non LDS African Americans to commit to Provo for one year, for some reason I find that a little surprising.

Pope is overrated and once they are in the Big 12 byu basketball is going to struggle to get to .500…I look forward to it. Pope won’t last and neither will the next several coaches down there.

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BYU is going to struggle big time in the Big 12. Pope will get frustrated and bail. Or he will get canned, though BYU doesn’t often fire its coaches.

BYU is a poor developer of talent to the next level. The last BYU player to do much of anything in the NBA was … Bradley I guess, and he was there just one year. Before him, it was Ainge. So we’re talking two players in 40 years. I realize Utah hasn’t been outstanding in sending players to the NBA who actually do anything noteworthy. But since Ainge and Bradley at BYU, Utah has had Chambers, Van Horn, Miller, Bogut, Wright, Poeltl, and Kuzma. Maybe throw Doleac in there?


He is a good rebounder, but wow, that guy is a master mason - misses from 3, misses layups. He doesn’t just launch bricks, he heaves cinder blocks toward the basket.

On some he was missing the rim altogether, sometimes hitting the backboard, the kind of deflections that give guys bloody noses. (He did hit the rim numerous times, in fairness.)


Sounds like our program may have dodged a bullet.


I still think Lohner’s flip was the begiing of Larry’s death spiral

btw, did everybody see Josh Newman’s tweet that Larry and Chris H were sitting on the floor Sat night? I didnt notice them. Wonder what they talked about with Harlan?

Maybe they were there for Battin and Gach’s senior nights (assuming they are leaving).

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Short of completely catching fire for four games, this season likely ends on Wednesday. Maybe we win that one, but I just don’t see the stars aligning this time.