Utes held a HOF WR to 2 catches and 19 yards

I always love seeing how “My team” did against an NFL HOFer. I remembered the Utes vs Ga Tech game as Calvin was up there and I am shocked again how little he did against the Utes.

Jackets’ QB was not an adept passer.
I was at that game. Weird to watch a football game in a baseball stadium.

Also, Utah had a future HOF’er covering him.

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What HOFer was covering him. I’m drawing a blank.

Eric Weddle

Oh. So, not yet a HOFer but probably will be.

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:wink: Yep.

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Reggie Ball, I think that was the Tech QB. He was…not good.

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I mean, it was a Chan Gailey team. If I remember correctly. None of those were.

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I guess that was the year before Paul Johnson. I remember the Ute defense shut down their run game early. Tech had to go the air, and that was that. Lots of 3 n’ outs. Tech fans were sooo pissed. :rofl:. They were cussing and throwing away those stupid bee hats. I literally LOL’d.


And they couldn’t cover our seam route to LaTendress. We scored like 3 touchdowns on the same route.

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I was there too… that was the worst football in a baseball stadium configuration ever. Supposedly they later figured out a better football setup there.

Could’ve been worse…

Could’ve been played in the Dixie Sun Bowl. People slamming into walls and getting concussions.