Utes have offered the #1 ranked player in Idaho

OLB Jonah Elliss. 6’2" 210 lb from Moscow.

Yup. That’s Luther’s son.

That’d be awesome to get Luther Ellis’ son on the team. Looks like Luther is coaching up at University of Idaho. (And looking at his wikipedia page I forgot that he played b-ball under Majerus for a season).

If his dad is coaching at Idaho it might be tough to get him away from the Vandals.

Edit to add: We also need to remember that Wazzu is only a stones throw away. They could be in the mix as well.

Any dad who loves his son would not want him to play for Idaho when better opportunities are out there. Any son who loves his father would play for Idaho if he thought it would benefit his father. It’s an interesting dynamic but fathers are better at pushing their will on their sons than sons are. I don’t think he will stay in Idaho.

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