Utes defeat Wazzu in overtime

I have a profanity filter? News to me.

You’ve got to try harder to keep up.

You need to get your syntax right.

My favorite was “Don’t make me come back there!”

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The words that are coming out of your mouth?

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A NET ranking that high suggests that Utah is on pace to get an At-Large NCAA Tournament berth. They’re currently 1-2 in Quad 1 games. Their two losses on the season (against Sam Houston and Mississippi State) are BOTH Quad 1 games. Mississippi State is currently #5 in the NET and Sam Houston is #7. Utah’s NET ranking (#19) is actually higher than Arizona’s (#27). Because Arizona is #27 in the NET however, that’s considered a Quad 1 win (home wins against teams in the Top 30).

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Texas playing Illinois in NY. Timmy Allen plays for Texas. I’m rooting for Illinois.

I like the portal for the most part, but hate it when we lose a player that our team is built around.