Utes bar in Portland?

I’m in Portland for the weekend and wondering if anyone knows of a place to watch Utes football? Kells is listed but not sure if they do for sure.

Last time I was up there (about three years ago), I found a watch party mentioned on the Facebook group named PDX UTES; went there with my son and had a good time. You could try posting your question there…

Done, thanks! Hope they are active. Last post was in 2019.

Hope it works out…

Asked my son earlier and just had a text back - he lives in Portland now but says that since the Pandemic started, he has not heard anything from any of the Ute community that he had known before hand.

Good luck, Go UTES!

(There has to be a PDX equivalent of Fiddler’s Elbow somewhere :slight_smile: )

Yeah I think that group has gone quiet. We are thinking about a bar with wifi and an iPad! Thanks

This might sound strange, but often hotel bars are pretty accommodating and maybe not very busy and might be willing to play the game. No one cares if you’re staying there or not

I might check out another one, but ours is closed until 6:00pst and has no tvs. That is a great idea though! Thanks

They have. I went to the venue once, turned out, I was alone with my wife…no other Ute fans. But that was pre-pandemic. Likely even less interest in gathering.

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A gentleman and a lady could walk in any number of decent hotels and watch the game, enjoy the ambiance of a nice hotel bar

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The owner of this bar is a Ute. No coincidence on the name. I’m sure he’ll have the game on and damn fine beer.

Thanks for the tip. We found a place to have drinks and are watching on an iPad with wifi.

That’s lovely!

The place we are at is awesome, the game…not so much.

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