Utes at Oregon State Thursday night

Good news: The Utes posted a practice video on twitter that prominently features Carlson. He should be good to go on Thursday.

Bad news: Half of the college basketball games scheduled last night were cancelled by covid. Using that as a data point, there’s only a 50/50 chance this game will be played.

Key game for both teams. OSU had expectations after last year’s elite 8 run, but is off to a 2-10 start. The Utes have looked a bit better than expected. If either team is going to be .500 or better in conference, this seems like a game they need to win.

It is crazy how far OSU has fallen this year. Recruiting talent has finally caught up to Tinkle.

Utah road games in Corvalis and Eugene are the only PAC12 hoops games still set to be played this weekend.

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Tinkle ran out of Thompsons—time to find a new assistant coach

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Beavers can’t miss

It’s like the Beavs are unconscious right now. Too many clean looks allowed to them. Utah needs some defense to show up.

Then again shooting 50 percent on the road in the first half is pretty unconscious too.

Lucky to only be behind by 9. On to the second half.