Utefans.net upcoming events/updates

Hey Everyone-

We had a nice turnout at Fiddler’s Elbow last Saturday. I give all the credit to @salUTE ! We have had some talks about doing a tailgate for the Oregon game on November 20th, so we will keep you in the loop very soon with updates on that development!

We are also organizing a food/clothing drive for the holidays. This is something I’d like to get rolled out around Thanksgiving. I’m waiting to hear back from one of the agencies I reached out to that supports the homeless population in SLC. So far I’ve heard they are in need of winter clothing, particularly coats. Once I get confirmation from them I will update everyone in this thread. Our advisory board has discussed the importance of UF.N engaging in service projects, so we think this might be a good start.

We are also looking to do some very exciting things with the Athletic Department, which includes a potential sponsorship program for athletes that would involve UF.N raising funds to make this idea a reality. We’re also working on another idea that would involve providing resources for athletes who are searching for a career path outside of athletics. I expect to know more about these developments by the end of the week.

Of course, we are always looking for feedback and truly appreciate all of the support you’ve given the site. At this point, we are contemplating what impact UF.N could have on the community and are taking the necessary steps to move forward in our efforts to advocate for athletes and involve ourselves more in the community.