Ute hoops tonight. Home vs UCLA

Game is at 6:00 PM mountain time on PAC-12 network.

Jantunen is still in quarantine. No recent news on the status of Rylan Jones.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!


GO UTES!!! Stuff the Bruins!!!

Down by 8 at the half. Yay. #teamfun

only down 19 now

I’m done watching this team this year. I’m very disappointed in our players, the assistant coaches, the trainers, the fans, the AD, and most of all The MUSS.

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The bus drivers.

I’m unaware of issues with the bus drivers but wouldn’t surprise me if they screwed up and missed some exits this year.

The uniforms haven’t looked great, the equipment managers should take some heat too.

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I think I remember a point in time during the transition of the old UFN technology to the new, where there was a discussion about stars verses other feedback alternatives for posts, including a discussion of the option of having an upvote, and a downvote mechanism.

If I remember correctly, the general opinion was that a downvote was not necessary, and at the time I believe I agreed.

I’m questioning that opinion now.


it’s humbling to watch how much bigger, athletic and skilled UCLA is. Cronin is a good fit there.

Remember when getting enough down votes would turn you into a “troll” and the language and font for your posts
would go wonky? People like xxxx97 and others had it happen to them

Yes, and probably should not have brought it up; my comment was really only intended as a little humor. Downvotes usually turn things uglier sooner or later, and trolls are really pretty easy to ignore.

The old site allowed anyone to see a list of everyone ignoring a particular member. For some reason I found it fascinating.

There’s a pretty good ignore function on this board. It is not permanent, you need to renew it every now and then, but it works great.

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Well, that was pretty damned ugly. Looks like we phoned this one in. Some of these kids probably have their information for the transfer portal already prepped and just waiting for the season to end. It won’t surprise me to see half of them transfer out.

There was a lighting at the U last night. Unfortunately it was a dumpster fire.