Ute hoops tonight at Oregon

7 PM mountain time on PAC-12 network.

Utes will again be very shorthanded. Jantunen won’t play. Jones is questionable. Oregon has had their share of problems too, but they are getting healthy now.

Last time I looked, Utes were a 9 point underdog.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!!

Go Utes!

It’s going to wind up feeling like this.

Larry gets a last shot at Dana.

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It’ll be the perfect Larry thing to do to beat Oregon and then get DRILLED by Oregon St at home by 40 points.

If we cover I’ll consider that a huge win.

Crap. Possibly losing Carlson for the rest of the game after 15 sec isn’t too good. Looked like he got bumped on the dunk to me. Hope he’s ok. That was a big fall.

See Carlson back out of the locker room. Coming in now. Whew.

All these years and all Altman has to do to call for the full court press and we’re paralyzed. It’s like not knowing the sun is coming up tomorrow.

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Seems odd to me. Maybe Oregon teams are just so much quicker than us that we are simply helpless against their press. I have a hard time believing that.

Allen’s ball handling drives me crazy. Keep the ball with Pelle. He’s playing much better than Thursday.

Martinez with the ball makes me nervous. That guy knows how to turn it over.

It’s not like we’re the only team that struggles with Oregon’s press. That’s their trademark.

Aw, a mindless turnover with 27.5 seconds to go, when we had the ball and a chance to win. Without Jones in the game, who on this team should be handling the ball?

I rest my case with Allen as a ball handler.

Larsson and only Larsson.

And…double dribble with 3 seconds to go on the way to what could have been the winning basket. Come on,guys.

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Party at LAUtes’s house!

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The turnover was unfortunate, but what’s really dumb is holding the ball for 10 seconds before starting our offense. You’re down 1 with 20 seconds, you need to get a shot off FAST. You aren’t playing for the last shot in that situation.

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When we all get together for lunch I’ll buy. I get to choose the restaurant.

Bill Riley said on the radio, “Larry’s going to let them play.” Maybe he should’ve coached them. Then again, he’s tried that in the past…