Ute draft results after 3 rounds

Jaylon Johnson 2nd round (#50) to the Bears
Julian Blackmon 3rd round (#85)to the Colts
Zack Moss 3rd round (#86) to the Bills
Terrell Burgess 3rd round (#104) to the Rams

Anae and Fotu are sure to be drafted today.

Huntley, Bernard, Penisini and Guidry are all 50/50 to be drafted.

It would be a big surprise if Simpkins, Paulo, Nurse, or Lewis were drafted.

Johnson was a steal I think, he is going to have a long NFL career. If Zack can stay healthy I can see him having some Mike Anderson like impact for a couple of seasons - RB in the NFL is not a long career for most anybody.

I actually think that Huntley has a certain NFL it factor and is being overlooked. If he gets in the right situation and gets a legit shot I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do something special.


He’s got mojo. That’s for sure.


Why hasn’t Anae gone?

Anae to the Cowboys.

We’ve got 6, so far.

A peek on Cougarboard is a nice dessert, for Ute nation:


I think Bernard will get drafted, and I think if a team takes Guidry, they’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. He’s a little undersized, but would be one of the top 10 fastest guys in the league, he’s built to take and dish out a little bit of punishment, and has been durable.

Brice McCain played for a decade in the league - Guidry would be a similar value, at NB.


Wow. Penisini just went to the Lions. Congrats!


The Lions just got a very good football player. Leki was the runaway Bison, but Penisini helped make that happen. Great technician.

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Our first 7 this year went before Cal’s super over-achiever LB Evan Weaver, he who was exasperated at being taken out of the game against us, after racking up 22 tackles, when it was apparent there was no hope.

I don’t know if Evan Weaver is ever going to be a starter in the NFL, but his FB IQ is off the charts.

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I hope Guidry gets drafted. Otherwise, I want him back. Bwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Yes, I am sure that was the reason.