Utah's win today clinched them either the Rose Bowl or the Alamo Bowl

That is all. It’s now impossible for them to be selected for anything else besides those two. If Utah wins the Championship, they go to the Rose. If they lose, they go to the Alamo. No other team can be selected ahead of them for a league-contracted bowl in the Pac-12 except for their opponent in the Championship Game. This is because nobody else besides Oregon can now finish within one win of their 8-1 conference record. And Oregon can only finish within one game of their 8-1 conference record if they win the North (@ 7-2), meaning that they’d be Utah’s opponent in the championship game (mentioned above). That is what the win over Colorado clinched tonight. It also gave Utah the overall lead in the historical rivalry series against Colorado. It also accomplished something Utah’s never done before. They beat all five other members of the Pac-12 South for the first time in the same season.