Utah's football record in the PAC12 by team/year

  • First six years in the league only two winning seasons against the rest of the conference, last six years Utah had five winning seasons against the conference.

  • First six year .444 winning percentage, last six years .700 (overall for all 12 years .567 winning percentage)

  • Utah struggled badly against the Arizona schools first 6 years (4-8), last six years (8-4)

  • First six years only had a winning record against Colorado, Oregon St and Stanford

  • Last six years only had a losing record against Washington

  • Finished 5-1 against Stanford

I was extremely bored during a meeting today :slight_smile:

In there the Utes have appeared in 4 of the last 5 conference championship games going 2-2 with a cumulative score of 124 for the good guys to 102 for the others.

Once they had it going after those first few years they really got going.

What if’s… losing the last game of our first season at home to a dreadful Colorado kept us out of the championship game. Otherwise, we would have been in 5 of the 11 championship games, over half.

The game against Washington at home in I want to say 2018(?) when we lost our best cornerback for the second half and still almost pulled it out.

Not to mention two very close games at home against Oregon that could have gone either way, especially the game with the punt return late. That was a dagger.