Utah WBB lost to SU 62-74

It’s expected. That said, our shooting % has gone into the toilet. Shot only 19% from the 3 and 34% total. Obviously SU has a lot to do with that. Still, the team has not been shooting well, especially McQueen (1/8) and Johnson (1/6). We can’t just dump the ball to Pili all the time against top teams.

That Cameron Brink had an amazing game for Stanford, and Haley Jones made every shot she took it seemed. Yes, the Utes didn’t shoot well, and they turned the ball over a bit too much, but they were within 3 in the 4th quarter, and that matters.

Stanford’s defense was simply great. With Brink not allowing anything near the basket, the 3 pt shooting had to be on point, and it wasn’t.

Pili played very hard and is very tough, Brink is just a lot better. Looked like Pili was playing through a leg injury of some kind as well.

All in all, a great effort against one of the best teams in the nation. I think this game proves, that this 2023 team can play against anybody.

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For sure, Brink is fantastic. After watching our games against CU, UA, and SU, we just don’t seem to have enough interior defense. Of course, we are talking about top teams of an elite conference.

*p.s. just learned a few days ago that Brink is Steph Curry’s god-sister. Her mom and Curry’s mom were roommates/players at Va Tech.