Utah WBB dismantles another opponent 45-92

Something tells me PAC 12 WBB is going to redefine “Conference of Cannibals” this season.

Wow, I guess I need to get up and see this team!!!


Wow, we’re ranked #13. I haven’t been paying attention.

I hope we keep a thread going on Utah WBB just so we can keep up with the rankings and scores.

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Just got back from attending the game with another former Utah athlete. Definitely impressed with our WBB team. This team pressures you the entire game, mostly 2/3 to 3/4 court – teams better strap down. When we have our inside/outside game going, better watch out.

PAC 12 is a premier WBB conference with 5 teams ranked in top 20. Our first real, in-conference challenge will be on 1/1/23 against Washington, which is not ranked, but is 8-1/1-0.