Utah WBB beats USC 83 - 73

It was a tough win in the end. Izzy went down while attempting a 3/4-court shot just before 3Q. Hopeful the injury wasn’t serious.

It seemed there for a while in the 3Q into the 4Q that USC would never miss a shot again. Losing Palmer was big, but Vieira did a nice job against the press to keep us moving.

Today’s game against UCLA is a big one. Utah tied with Colorado for second after Colorado beat UCLA in overtime. UCLA now one game back, but can pull even with the Utes with a win.

I haven’t been in the JMHC for AT LEAST a decade, and always find it jarring to see the Steel Cloud missing…

Every time I see Bogut’s name in the rafters my head asplodes… ungrateful swine only did 2 years of his moral obligation for that free ride scholarship, and then vanished into the NBA. Yes he did accomplish a few things, but nothing living up to going #1 after bailing on his school. Do not get me wrong, I really linked Andrew as a person, I just felt betrayed by his self-serving focus, without realizing he had an obligation not to just jump ship when it served HIS interests. Utah invested a lot in him and only got 2 years from him. These days the situation is soooooo much worse with the football players. To think his name is up there alongside the legend that was Arnie Ferrin… now THERE was a man who gave everything and more to the school…
[I’ll be honest and acknowledge that my viewpoint is powerfully influenced by my 8 years as an enlisted Navy man, where I couldn’t walk away when it suited me.]

At least Alex Jensen left a notable imprint in his career - though he could have done more without the major injury and a club that treated him like crap.

OK I’ll go back in my old man cave now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: