Utah vs the Unstoppable Bronny James

We’re taking on no one cares the mighty USC Trojans tonight. If you haven’t heard, the underrated NBA prospect Bronny James is on this Trojans team. He’s really good, and mostly responsible for their success this season. Based on our road record this season, I expect us to put on a very good performance that will impress Lebron James. I still think we come up short.

What is even more depressing than our struggles on the court is that there are so few people that seem to care.

After the ASU loss (first Quad3/4 loss this year) we desperately need a few road wins (or an inconceivable tourney run in Vegas) if we want to so dancing.

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We need a better showing on the boards and the charity stripe if we want a shot to win.


Guess Utah’s free-throw %?

I don’t know, but I heard on one of the recent broadcasts that we were number 335 in the nation.

Sorry, I have zero faith that Utah can win on the road. Hope I am wrong.


Probably somewhere near the average IQ at a Trump Rally, guessing 50



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50 would be cumulative


Utes favored ??? By 1 &1/2.

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You’re not.

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More of the same. Not sure how much Utah bball I have left in the tank this season.


1 point game.

I just don’t see this one happening. We’re getting outplayed by a 9-15 team.

Tuned in when it was a one-point game. Then a 9-point run. I’m sorry. I should’ve stayed away.

0-10 from the field and 1-2 from the line.

Ok, now they’re giving us hope. I guess I would get a little bit excited if I thought we could make free throws in a close game.

When does football season start?


Was that block on Deivon clean?

I’m not watching anymore games this season. If Bronny is drafted I’ll boycott the NBA.